COVID-19 Updates

Updated 03/15/20 7:00PM

Hello Magic Hours Families,

We have been on conference calls throughout today to get the most updated information, mandates, and recommendations from Community Care Licensing, County of San Diego Health Department, and CDC. Child Care Providers are being considered an "essential service," and we are being encouraged to remain open. We will continue to be diligent to adhere to our existing procedures detailed in our Health and Wellness Policies, as well as strictly follow the guidelines mandated by our governing agencies. Our goal is to help provide a safe, sanitized, and fun environment for the children in our care. We respect that we have amazing families whose parents must report to work because they are also essential personnel. This is a very special time in history where we as a community will need to work together to recover from this health crisis. We ask all of our families and staff adhere to the following.

You may NOT enter our school if you have:

1. Any signs of respiratory illness (runny nose, cough, wheezing, shortness of breath)

2. Recently had a fever

3. Traveled or been around anyone who has traveled domestically or internationally within the last 14 days.

4. Taken a cruise within the last 14 days.

5. Been around anyone who has been presumed or confirmed to have COVID-19

We rely on our families to communicate to us any changes in their child's health, the health of those your child comes in contact with, if your child has been in contact with anyone who has traveled, or has been around anyone who has been presumed or confirmed to have COVID-19. Communication should be immediate. Families may call Magic Hours during our current business hours of 6:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday. Or via email after hours. Ms. Holly or Ms. Ginette will monitor emails and advise what steps should be taken.

We will continue to have children dropped off and picked up in our lobby. Children must wash hands upon entering the classrooms. Classrooms will be sanitized hourly. Our professional janitorial company will disinfect and sanitize nightly and on weekends.

We are working almost around the clock to stay up to date with information on COVID-19. As we all know this sensitive health crisis is ever changing. We will update whenever we receive new information.

We'd like to remind our amazing families that this is a scary time for our children. Be careful of discussions you have around them. Talk to them about common sense practices: washing hands, covering coughs, using tissues, and getting rest. We are happy to provide a healthy, safe, fun space for them to continue to be KIDS!

Be Kind to Each Other,

Team Magic Hours

Updated 03/15/20 7:00PM

While we are open and currently providing service to our currently enrolled families, Magic Hours has temporarily suspended scheduling tours for perspective parents. We appreciate your patience while we adhere to the recommended precautions amid community health concerns and invite you to check back in with us soon about making an appointment to schedule a tour.

An important message:

This can be a scary and uncertain time for children too. Disruptions in their daily routines can be stressful and please be mindful of children overhearing conversations with adult content, particularly pertaining to the topic of community health concerns. Below are links with suggestions for helping children understand and cope with these sudden changes.

Let’s embrace what we do have and remember: exercise, music, family, singing, reading, laughing and HOPE are all NOT CANCELED!

Team Magic Hours

Updated 03/13/20 2:00PM

Dear Magic Hours Families,

Our first priority is the health, wellness, and safety of the children in our care! We are in regular communication with Community Care Licensing, County of San Diego Department of Health and community health care specialists to make informed decisions about our school. All decisions are made with careful consideration and are based on the best interests of our entire community. As of today, we still remain without any presumptive nor confirmed cases of COVID-19 and plan to remain OPEN so the children in our care can continue with their normal and fun daily routines.

Prophylactic protocols have been put in place. We are diligently cleaning and sanitizing our environment hourly. We have a professional janitorial company comes in to clean, mop, vacuum, and disinfect our entire school nightly along with deep cleaning done every weekend. Adults must use hand sanitizer provided in the lobby before entering our classrooms and children must wash hands upon entering their classroom.

You may not enter our classrooms if you can answer "yes" to the following:

1. Do you have a fever?

2. Do you have respiratory symptoms (cough, runny nose, wheezing, or shortness of breath)

3. Have you traveled out of the country - or been around anyone who has been out of the country in the last 14 days?

4. Have you taken a cruise - or been around anyone who has taken a cruise in the last 14 days?

We will continue to post updates as our information changes.

Our best efforts always,

Magic Hours Administration

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